How to Download Free Online Movies on Mobile Devices - Techzilla Firefox

Hi friends, there are many ways of download free movies online in your mobile device. Here we will go through each of these sites separately. Before going to session just aware about the online spamming you might interfere.

When we search our favourite movies online, hundreds of related results are showing in the respective search engine (ex: GOOGLE). Among them many or majority results (In the case of very new added free movies) are spamming which cause your mobile or respected device to get affected by virus. So choose only best websites for free online movies download. Get the sites list here :

How To Download online Movies Free?

1) Torrent 


Torrent website, one of trusted site for download free movies online on your mobile device. You can get result of what you searched with many available versions like size, resolution (1080p, 720p, higher or lower), language.

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2) TubeMate


Tubemate is another application for download movies for free on mobile. Available to download from below site with no price.

How to download and install Tubemate online for Free Movies?

1. Open your mobile browser.
2. Go to (
3. Click download Tubemate.
4. After finished, go to setting>application>tick "unknown source".
5. Now go to download folder and install Tubemate file.

Once installed you can search any online movies in it just for free. You can download movies with many available resolution by click the green down headed arrow.

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How to Block Advertisement on Computer Chrome Browser - Techzilla Firefox

Some time we get annoying by surfing internet. One of the reason is accumulated advertisement on different websites. The advertisement showing in these sites are depend on browser related search query. This mean you get ad, on what you searched through your browser. For example car, bike, air ticket etc.

By this post you will find the best way to block the advertisement from any blacklisted website. This is a free chrome extension can easily add onto your browser.

How to Block Advertisement on Google Chrome Browser?


1) Click chrome menu icon 

2) Select More tools --- -> Extension 

3) Select more extensions

4) Search for Adblock from the chrome extension page.

5) Choose "+FREE" form the extension selection list that appeared.

6) Click "Add" in the next dialogue box.

7) Select "Option" from Adblock extension. This allow you to set some general options like:
  • Allow/Disallow Google text advertisement: Ads showing on top of Google search
  •  Allow whitelist YouTube channel.
8) Choose "Filter List" from right menu for:
  • Adblock Warning Removal List: This will remove warning on website about running adblock.
  • Antisocial Filter List: This use to remove Facebook button along with other social media buttons.
  • Easy Privacy: Uses to protect your privacy
  • Fanboy's Annoyances: Help to remove variety of small annoyances from website.
  • Malware Protection: Give protection from affected website.
9) Choose "Customize" to add whitelist website which keep adblock from blocking advertisement from these sites.

10) You can even pause adblock while come across any website to show advertisement in that web by click "Pause adblock".

How Torrent Uses to Download Unlimited Movies Online for Free - Techzilla Firefox

Dear friends here, by this post you will understand the genuine and most trusted way to download unlimited movies for free. Before going to the section let see how you get cheated or better what makes me to post this article.

By entering a search query in the relevant site, of course the "Google" thousands of matched result show up. For example take the situation when search for "download movies online free". Users those having no sense of misuse choose one among many and proceed through their demand or specifically the spamy way for the free movies.

This in turn cause your system (PC, Mobiles, Tablets, and other internet accessible electronic devices) get affected by serious malware attack and even big security issue. Read this article for the movies fan to get reveal the best way to download free movies online for free. See: Top 15 sites to Watch online movies free - 2015

What is Torrent File?

A torrent file is a computer file that contain meta data about files and folders to be distributed, and usually also a list of  network location of trackers, which are computers that help participants in the system find each other and form efficient distribution group called swarms. Source: Wikipedia

What is Torrent Search Engine?

A torrent search engine is an online search platform for the torrent files that hosted and tracked on all sites. 

How to Download Online Movies for Free?

First step is to install one torrent application on your device. Bittorrent or Utorrent is the best one that due to its popularity and user friendly nature.  See: Top Best Websites for Download Movies for Free - TechZilla Firefox


1) Go to the website, search for your movies by typing it in text box and click search option.


2) Now a new page arise with the available versions including language, resolution, size, peer, seeds. Choose one from list which redirect to another page.


3) Here you get few lists of websites that provides the torrent file you searched. Click one by your choice. Personally I recommend,,,  to avoid any malfunctions.


4) For the computer users choose "Download torrent" from the site. This will download a small sized (in KB range) torrent file in your device and open it. Automatically it opens your torrent application where yo can see your movies file in downloading process.

5) For the mobile do the same but instead of "download torrent" choose "Magnet download". Once you click, it redirect to the torrent application installed in the device. You can even select the destination either phone memory or external memory to where the downloaded movies go.

6) Adjusting the download limit (Keep maximum) and upload limit (Keep 0 Kbps for mobile and 1 Kbps for computer) improves the speed of downloading process.

How to get thousands of quality backlink for free - Techzilla Firefox

There are many ways to improve ranking of websites.Some of them are more familiarize but few are very hard to reach at its best result. Here we discussing about the backlink building strategy which is hard but easy when you got it. Before going to the section, just have a close look on "Link" which come many times in our path.

Link in simple word mean a source to reach at your website. An online network is build with linking websites, like a chain is as good as it get link. There are two kind of links one is "do-follow links" and another "no-follow links".


Do-Follow Links

Do follow links are type of links that target to specific webpage given in anchor tag. for example <a href=""> Techzilla Firefox</a>. Here the Techzilla Firefox is the do-follow link, which direct to my site. This kind of links provide good quality backlink and thereby well targeted traffic. 

No-Follow Links

These are the kind of links which do no favor to a website/blog. Google don't use it in their algorithm to rank the websites. To create a no-follow link just use the attribute "nofollow".

<a href="" rel="nofollow">Techzilla Firefox</a>.

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What are Backlink?

Backlink are any link received by a website from another web node. In SEO backlink is at critical needs.

How Backlink Improve Ranking of Websites?

"Backlink" is the building block of websites page ranking. How many backlink you have from good website, that much Google love you ! When you got quality backlink Google consider it as good content. By increasing your number of backlink, automatically it bring your website page ranking (PR) at the best (10/10).

See the 3 simple method to build good quality backlink

1) Article writing/Guest posting

Find some article submitting websites over the internet and apply for it. You can write article for others having one or more link back to your site. In addition you will get paid for your  hard work. 

Some sites for Guest post

  • (PR 7)
  • (PR 7)
  • (PR 6)
  • (PR 5)

2) Forums

Sign up at some do-follow forums and be active in it. Share your ideas along with situation based do-follow link, otherwise you get marked as spam.

Some do-follow forum for high quality backlink

  • V7nForum
  • Siteowners Forum
  • Joomla Forum
  • Search engine watch forum
  • Cnetforum
  • Mysql Forum

3) Commenting

Commenting is an alternate way to get good quality backlink. Find some websites having same niche and comment there by putting link back to your site. You can use Commentluv, Disqus and other comment systems for this work.

Things to Remember While Using Public Wi-Fi - Understand Main Security Holes

Now a days the trend in wired network is turned into wireless system. The reason is nothing but it's reliability and simplicity over wired network. Wi-Fi, WiMax are some of  the familiar services  provided by the normal network servers.


Wi-Fi is a wireless technology used to transfer data between electronics devices and to connect to the internet. Most of the mobiles newly entering into the market has inbuilt Wi-Fi facilities.

Wi-Fi network is available for each individual with a price tag depending upon the data you intended to use. The network can be protected using password and is not available to other users. But the Wi-Fi network also can be set as open which is freely accessible by others.

Let me explain with the main security issue associated with connecting your mobile device with Wi-Fi network. 
When a mobile first time connect to Wi-Fi network, a prompt box for saving that particular network either "Home Network", "Work Network", or "Public Network" will show.  If you choose Home or Work network, it has default setting that would share your system files with the other computers on the network.

Selecting public network will not share any files to other devices in the network. So you are completely free from all security holes.

Top Best 10 Websites for Download Free Games Online

Playing some good games is really a big entertainment irrespective of our age. Most of the Game developers are now trying to develop games that are relevant to middle aged and upper middle aged people. The reason why they preferred is due to the new trending fantasy among them.
There are thousands of websites for playing and download free games online. Most of them have huge number of free games in their database which are mostly categorized into, action, racing, mission, puzzle, adventure, sports, shooting and memory games.  
Below are some of best sites for download free games online. Most of the games are free to download but for new releases or latest games download there must be a price. 

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Site List: 

1) Yahoo! Games

2) GameZone
3) GameSpot
4) Download Free Games
5) MegaGames

How to Find Whether an Email Address is Valid and Exists - TechZilla Firefox

How can you find whether an email address is valid or not? The simple way is to send a rough mail to the particular address and wait for response. But if you could find without any request, how benefit it'll be !!!

You can get other methods also to verify a email address valid and exist , but cannot assure a 100%  correct result. See last post for How to Find the Email Address of a Person:

How to Check Email Address in Gmail

Here is the simple method for checking if any email address is exist and valid which can be set as your primary method.

First go to login page and choose Forgot Password by pretending that you no longer remember it. Now you will see a box where you shall type the email address that is suspected to valid or not. If the email address entered is not exist, the service will tell you the user name does not exist. This method provides good result with Gmail, Yahoo, Google Apps and Outlook.

Or alternatively go to Gmail Account sign up page and try to create one with the same email address.If the email address exist, mostly you get the message Someone already has that Username.

For Hotmail, Outlook and Addresses

Go to, and select I forgot my password option and enter outlook email address. For valid address you'll get the message account details are sent to given email address, and if it's not valid get the error The Microsoft account is incorrect.

For Checking Yahoo email Address

Go to, enter the email address you want to check and choose next. If it's not valid get the message We couldn’t match the Yahoo ID you entered with information in our database. 

How To Prevent Users Downloading and Installing Software From Internet - TechZilla Firefox

The reason behind posting this article is due to mass request from users who are intended to prevent others from downloading files and software into the PCGenerally none of the PC manufactures gives the option for protecting our system from unwanted downloads and it's our task.
When friends also share your PC, it is quite not possible to do it. But at the same time you have to allow them to do other jobs like surfing, chatting etc in the same PC. At these circumstances you can choose a better tool named Folder Guard. 

Why choose Folder Guard to Prevent?

  1. Folder Guard can hide your personal folders and prevent it from other users.
  2. Folder Guard can lock access to the USB, CD-ROM and other removable drives.
  3. Folder Guard is suitable for a wide range of computer security tasks.
  4. Folder Guard protects your files without encrypting them and prevent any damage.
  5. Folder Guard lets you quickly enable or disable the protection via a "hot key".
  6. Folder Guard runs on a wide range of Windows platforms.
  7. Folder Guard "speaks" plain English.
  8. Folder Guard works with drives of any format.
  9. Folder Guard can operate in "stealth mode".
  10. Folder Guard can password-protect and restrict access to file folders.

How to Stop Downloading From Internet Using Folder Guard

1) Download Folder Guard (Use Paid Version or Free Version).

2) Once the download completed, choose View – Filters command and then Filter – New command to start creating a new filter.

3) Now select Apply to files box to specify which files this filter should apply to. For instance if you choose*.bat format, further downloading of files from internet in this extension will be impossible.

4) If it’s a new filter you've just created, you will be prompted to enter a name for the filter do it.


5) Now move it to the top list and assign it as Read-only attribute. A small “binoculars” icon should appear in front of the filter:

6) At this stage Folder Guard is set Enable the Protection and hardly try to download anything from internet will result in display error message .

If you need to download from internet, simply Pause the protection from the menu (No restart is required). Also installing from CD/Removable disk will be ineffective here. 

If you want the users to be able to run programs from the removable drives while the filter is in effect, you need to create another filter that would specifically allow full access to the executable files located on the removable drives.

Top 10 Best Sites to Download Free Music - TechZilla FireFox

Listening some songs is really a great relief from the daily stressing life. Many researches revealed and stated that music is an ultimate medicine for hundreds of mental unhappiness. 

There are many sites that allow you to download free music but for a mainstream song you need to purchase to keep the legal formalities well. Such sites provide only some songs for download but for wide access you may pay a monthly or yearly subscription.  

Below are some top sites, where you can surf and download your favourite music for free. Only you have to create an account using a Email and password or directly using your Facebook, Twitter, or Google+ profile for the music hunting. Lets explore...

Sites List:

1. Amazon

amazon-download-free-musicAmazon is really adoptable for the best purchase and free download of music. They have categorized over 50000+ songs, so made it easy for free surfing.

Once you search your music, the details about the song like artist, album, free or paid, and time will be displayed.

2. Internet Archive's Audio Archive

audioarchive-download-free-musicOne of the popular site chosen by millions for the better free download of their favorite songs. They have over 40000+ free music in their data base.
Beside this, audio Archive is a project which aim to collect and make available archived snapshots of internet contents for public.

3. Jamendo

Jamendo is with huge collection of famous songs. The musics they have provided is 100% legal and free to download. 

4. Purevolume

Pure volume is an artist-share site where you can find new artists, festivals in addition to music download. 

Surfing by top songs, top downloads, albums and artists make it more worthier than other sites.


lastfm-logo is a great place where you can discover new music and of course download free MP 3.

6. Noise Trade

noisetrade-logoNoise trade is some bit differ from other music downloading sites. Artists can create widget to share music both inside and outside this site. The music download is absolutely free.

7. Soundcloud

Soundcloud is a great community with huge collection of free music.They have an updated system of new songs which are added regularly.

8. Stereogum


Another free music download site with great songs comes directly from artists. In addition they have provide News, Photos, Videos related to new releases.

9. Bandcamp

Bandcamp is come up with music from newly came artists of all genre. Either they set a price or usually provide free service for their users.  


MP3feat-logo is really a great place where users can download unlimited music. Artist upload songs and fans can download songs for free. They can browse through artists, album and even time period.

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How to Find the Password Behind Asterisks/Dots in Browsers - TechZilla Firefox

Hello friends, by this article you'll study how to find the passwordbehind Asterisks. While you enter the password in the required field, it is shown as simple Asterisks or Dots. The reason is, it is for security and no one can predict what is behind it!

Many browsers including the popular Chrome and Mozilla support Password hold or specifically can save password in the browser as Asterisks itself. For this you an enter a website and type your User name and Password manually, once you completed, browser itself ask for the permission for saving the password. 


When you find such saved password as simple Asterisks in any browser you can find or technically crack their password using below simple steps.


1) First type your password and select "Inspect Element" using Mouse Right Click.

2) Now a Inspector window pop up and double click on type="Password".


3) Replace Password with text and hit Enter. Now the password will shown as below image.