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Some time we get annoying by surfing internet. One of the reason is accumulated advertisement on different websites. The advertisement showing in these sites are depend on browser related search query. This mean you get ad, on what you searched through your browser. For example car, bike, air ticket etc.

By this post you will find the best way to block the advertisement from any blacklisted website. This is a free chrome extension can easily add onto your browser.

How to Block Advertisement on Google Chrome Browser?


1) Click chrome menu icon 

2) Select More tools --- -> Extension 

3) Select more extensions

4) Search for Adblock from the chrome extension page.

5) Choose "+FREE" form the extension selection list that appeared.

6) Click "Add" in the next dialogue box.

7) Select "Option" from Adblock extension. This allow you to set some general options like:
  • Allow/Disallow Google text advertisement: Ads showing on top of Google search
  •  Allow whitelist YouTube channel.
8) Choose "Filter List" from right menu for:
  • Adblock Warning Removal List: This will remove warning on website about running adblock.
  • Antisocial Filter List: This use to remove Facebook button along with other social media buttons.
  • Easy Privacy: Uses to protect your privacy
  • Fanboy's Annoyances: Help to remove variety of small annoyances from website.
  • Malware Protection: Give protection from affected website.
9) Choose "Customize" to add whitelist website which keep adblock from blocking advertisement from these sites.

10) You can even pause adblock while come across any website to show advertisement in that web by click "Pause adblock".

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