How to Find the Password Behind Asterisks/Dots in Browsers - TechZilla Firefox

Hello friends, by this article you'll study how to find the passwordbehind Asterisks. While you enter the password in the required field, it is shown as simple Asterisks or Dots. The reason is, it is for security and no one can predict what is behind it!

Many browsers including the popular Chrome and Mozilla support Password hold or specifically can save password in the browser as Asterisks itself. For this you an enter a website and type your User name and Password manually, once you completed, browser itself ask for the permission for saving the password. 


When you find such saved password as simple Asterisks in any browser you can find or technically crack their password using below simple steps.


1) First type your password and select "Inspect Element" using Mouse Right Click.

2) Now a Inspector window pop up and double click on type="Password".


3) Replace Password with text and hit Enter. Now the password will shown as below image.


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