How To Hack The Google Chrome Without Any Software - Find Every Saved Passwords

Hi friends,in this post I will show you how to find the saved passwords in Google Chrome. This trick is simple but very powerful  to view or hack saved password in Google chrome. This is not website depending one, means which website the password is saved it will work on all of them.You can find the saved passwords for even Facebook,Twitter, G mail, and more. If you get your hands on your friend computer  you can hack their password with this simple little trick. This method is absolutely manual and no need of any software to be installed on your computer. Read this post carefully.

How To Hack All Saved Passwords In Google Chrome Without Any Software [Techzilla Firefox]


*1. First open your Google Chrome.

*2. Go to Setting.

*3. Select Advanced Setting.

*4. Scroll down there will be password and forms from there click Manage 
       saved password.

*5. A list of website on which you/them saved password will show up.

*6. Select show and enjoy.

NOTE: Advanced setting will be at the bottom of your setting page [after you select setting by   opening Google Chrome]. You can get the saved passwords in all website. Keep mind that try to avoid saving your password in your browser, because a normal computer knowledge is enough for it and you may get  hacked.