Things to Remember While Using Public Wi-Fi - Understand Main Security Holes

Now a days the trend in wired network is turned into wireless system. The reason is nothing but it's reliability and simplicity over wired network. Wi-Fi, WiMax are some of  the familiar services  provided by the normal network servers.


Wi-Fi is a wireless technology used to transfer data between electronics devices and to connect to the internet. Most of the mobiles newly entering into the market has inbuilt Wi-Fi facilities.

Wi-Fi network is available for each individual with a price tag depending upon the data you intended to use. The network can be protected using password and is not available to other users. But the Wi-Fi network also can be set as open which is freely accessible by others.

Let me explain with the main security issue associated with connecting your mobile device with Wi-Fi network. 
When a mobile first time connect to Wi-Fi network, a prompt box for saving that particular network either "Home Network", "Work Network", or "Public Network" will show.  If you choose Home or Work network, it has default setting that would share your system files with the other computers on the network.

Selecting public network will not share any files to other devices in the network. So you are completely free from all security holes.

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