How to Block Websites In your Computer - Included Adult+ Security

There are many parents who wish to block certain website in their computer, but they don't have the better solution. The reason why they prompt to block such website, is to keep their child from any danger that possibly come through the viral internet. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube are those site listed in top of red category chosen by millions of parents. 

You can get different solution on How to block a website in the market, but there you must spend some dollars. Here you can get the simple Unlimited, Free solution for how to block websites, that can adopt without spending even a penny. Let me explain...


  • Enter “C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc” in the Windows search bar or navigate to the folder by clicking your way through Windows Explorer.
  • Double-click hosts and select Notepad when prompted to choose a program to open the file with.
  • In Notepad, you will see several lines of text used for mapping purposes. Underneath the last line of text (it should say something regarding a local host), 
  • enter “″ and press the spacebar. Now type the specified address of the website you wish to block on the same line. For example, type “” to block all traffic from the popular social site.
  • Continue to block websites you wished in this manner, each beginning with”” followed by a space and the appropriate website. Make sure to only use “www” and avoid adding “http,” unless you want to render the entry invalid, and do not alter any other text in the hosts file.
  • Click the File option in the top-left-hand corner, choose Save – do not change the name or save location – and ignore any warnings regarding editing the hosts file. Close Notepad when finished.
  • You have Finished
  • Now just check the result. Keep in mind that it will take few minutes to take effect. You can remove this block by deleting the line you typed to block that website .

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