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Dear friends here, by this post you will understand the genuine and most trusted way to download unlimited movies for free. Before going to the section let see how you get cheated or better what makes me to post this article.

By entering a search query in the relevant site, of course the "Google" thousands of matched result show up. For example take the situation when search for "download movies online free". Users those having no sense of misuse choose one among many and proceed through their demand or specifically the spamy way for the free movies.

This in turn cause your system (PC, Mobiles, Tablets, and other internet accessible electronic devices) get affected by serious malware attack and even big security issue. Read this article for the movies fan to get reveal the best way to download free movies online for free. See: Top 15 sites to Watch online movies free - 2015

What is Torrent File?

A torrent file is a computer file that contain meta data about files and folders to be distributed, and usually also a list of  network location of trackers, which are computers that help participants in the system find each other and form efficient distribution group called swarms. Source: Wikipedia

What is Torrent Search Engine?

A torrent search engine is an online search platform for the torrent files that hosted and tracked on all sites. 

How to Download Online Movies for Free?

First step is to install one torrent application on your device. Bittorrent or Utorrent is the best one that due to its popularity and user friendly nature.  See: Top Best Websites for Download Movies for Free - TechZilla Firefox


1) Go to the website, search for your movies by typing it in text box and click search option.


2) Now a new page arise with the available versions including language, resolution, size, peer, seeds. Choose one from list which redirect to another page.


3) Here you get few lists of websites that provides the torrent file you searched. Click one by your choice. Personally I recommend,,,  to avoid any malfunctions.


4) For the computer users choose "Download torrent" from the site. This will download a small sized (in KB range) torrent file in your device and open it. Automatically it opens your torrent application where yo can see your movies file in downloading process.

5) For the mobile do the same but instead of "download torrent" choose "Magnet download". Once you click, it redirect to the torrent application installed in the device. You can even select the destination either phone memory or external memory to where the downloaded movies go.

6) Adjusting the download limit (Keep maximum) and upload limit (Keep 0 Kbps for mobile and 1 Kbps for computer) improves the speed of downloading process.

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