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There are many ways to improve ranking of websites.Some of them are more familiarize but few are very hard to reach at its best result. Here we discussing about the backlink building strategy which is hard but easy when you got it. Before going to the section, just have a close look on "Link" which come many times in our path.

Link in simple word mean a source to reach at your website. An online network is build with linking websites, like a chain is as good as it get link. There are two kind of links one is "do-follow links" and another "no-follow links".


Do-Follow Links

Do follow links are type of links that target to specific webpage given in anchor tag. for example <a href=""> Techzilla Firefox</a>. Here the Techzilla Firefox is the do-follow link, which direct to my site. This kind of links provide good quality backlink and thereby well targeted traffic. 

No-Follow Links

These are the kind of links which do no favor to a website/blog. Google don't use it in their algorithm to rank the websites. To create a no-follow link just use the attribute "nofollow".

<a href="" rel="nofollow">Techzilla Firefox</a>.

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What are Backlink?

Backlink are any link received by a website from another web node. In SEO backlink is at critical needs.

How Backlink Improve Ranking of Websites?

"Backlink" is the building block of websites page ranking. How many backlink you have from good website, that much Google love you ! When you got quality backlink Google consider it as good content. By increasing your number of backlink, automatically it bring your website page ranking (PR) at the best (10/10).

See the 3 simple method to build good quality backlink

1) Article writing/Guest posting

Find some article submitting websites over the internet and apply for it. You can write article for others having one or more link back to your site. In addition you will get paid for your  hard work. 

Some sites for Guest post

  • (PR 7)
  • (PR 7)
  • (PR 6)
  • (PR 5)

2) Forums

Sign up at some do-follow forums and be active in it. Share your ideas along with situation based do-follow link, otherwise you get marked as spam.

Some do-follow forum for high quality backlink

  • V7nForum
  • Siteowners Forum
  • Joomla Forum
  • Search engine watch forum
  • Cnetforum
  • Mysql Forum

3) Commenting

Commenting is an alternate way to get good quality backlink. Find some websites having same niche and comment there by putting link back to your site. You can use Commentluv, Disqus and other comment systems for this work.

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