How to Delete All of Your Mail From Gmail With Single Click

Hi friends, many of Gmail users are really fed up with how to Mass Delete or Restrict the unwanted email in your Inbox. The funny fact is that you can't directly find it's better solution anywhere other than here. I have been referred about 20 different tutorial for finding the answer. On looking in to our Gmail account, we cannot find an option for mass delete unwanted mails. But don't worry you can get it. Yesterday my account was filled with almost 10154 mails, may be you won't believe me, but is truth. That is why I post this, I know many of you are really worried. Read the post very well, that bring you to the exact solution. 

  • First Log In to your Gmail account as usual

  • You will automatically directed to the Inbox where your primary mails resides. Keep in mind that all of your mail is not in Inbox. Your Social Media notifications, Update notifications, Forums notifications and other are in corresponding categories. Look at the list:

           NOTIFICATIONS                            OPTION

  1.    Primary Mail                                                   -   Primary
  2.    Social Media                                                     -   Social
  3.    Services                                                            -   Promotions
  4.    Mail From Online Group                               -   Forums
  5.    Auto Updates                                                  -   Updates

  • Now you can see a Search box at the top of your page. See the image .
         NOTE : Also Read How Avoid Spam Mail To Your Gmail Account

  • Now you can enter your Category of mails, which is to delete. 


  • Change red colored word with your need.For example, If you need to delete all Social Sites  Notifications (Facebook, Twitter, etc) use Social as Label, similarly ,
  1.          Category:Updates for  all Auto Updates Mails.
  2.          Category:Personal for  all Personal Mails.
  3.          Category:Forums for all Online Group Mails.
  4.          Category:Promotions for all Service Mails.
  5.          Category:Social for all Social Site Mails.

  • Click on "all select check box". Image showed below.

  • Click on "Select all conversation that matches this search" .

           NOTE: This option will come only if you click "all select check box" before it.

  • Now click on Delete button showed right to it. A pop up confirmation message come to you whether delete all or not. Click OK if you wish. Otherwise click CANCEL.

  • Wait few seconds and see your Inbox, the real happiness is awaiting for you . All of your mails in the selected category is removed from your Inbox. If you want to apply for it to the other non selected category please repeat the steps by only changing the Label  I have provided above.