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How can you find whether an email address is valid or not? The simple way is to send a rough mail to the particular address and wait for response. But if you could find without any request, how benefit it'll be !!!

You can get other methods also to verify a email address valid and exist , but cannot assure a 100%  correct result. See last post for How to Find the Email Address of a Person:

How to Check Email Address in Gmail

Here is the simple method for checking if any email address is exist and valid which can be set as your primary method.

First go to login page and choose Forgot Password by pretending that you no longer remember it. Now you will see a box where you shall type the email address that is suspected to valid or not. If the email address entered is not exist, the service will tell you the user name does not exist. This method provides good result with Gmail, Yahoo, Google Apps and Outlook.

Or alternatively go to Gmail Account sign up page and try to create one with the same email address.If the email address exist, mostly you get the message Someone already has that Username.

For Hotmail, Outlook and Addresses

Go to, and select I forgot my password option and enter outlook email address. For valid address you'll get the message account details are sent to given email address, and if it's not valid get the error The Microsoft account is incorrect.

For Checking Yahoo email Address

Go to, enter the email address you want to check and choose next. If it's not valid get the message We couldn’t match the Yahoo ID you entered with information in our database. 

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