How To Sign In To Multiple Google Account In your Browser At Same Time

For a person dealing with more than one Gmail account (have more than one Gmail Id), it is difficult to switch between the accounts. Normally they would sign out from current account and then to the next or they must use another browser. This problem can be solved by adding the entire Gmail account to any one of your account (probably your main account). 

Sign in to additional account

  1. Sign in to your one of Supported Google Product
  2. Click your name or mail id at the top of the page
  3. Select Add Account from top drop-down menu 

  4.   Now a new page opens, enter your next email address and password that you wish           to  access, and click sign in.


Switch between accounts

Once you added the entire account, you can switch to any one by clicking on your name or mail address and click on mail id you want to switch.

You can reduce your effort by these simple steps