How to Password Protect Your Folder In Computer For Privacy

Many of the users do not know how to password protect their Folder in the computer. Here I can give the best option for them. Using the application named FOLDER LOCK is the key for it. 

It is a simple method that allows you to Password Protect your Movies / Songs / Videos / Secret Files / Data without the usage of secondary data storage like Pen drive, SD Card.


Steps To Follow

1) Download 9.17MB sized Folder Lock Application.
2) Install it in your operating system (Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows XP, Windows Vista and others).

3) Run the application.

4) Now you will redirected to a new folder named LOCKER (not window page).


5) Cut your personal data from any other part of your computer and simply paste that into the LOCK folder showed up.

6) You will find a symbol of FOLDER LOCK in your Taskbar, select it .


7) You can enter your Password.

8) Now you have to click SET button.

9) You have done, your Folder is now Password protected. 

10) If you are premium member you get additional feature to set the level of password protection Very FastMedium, Little Slow. Choose your own such that protection is more strong from Little slow mode to Very fast mode.


NOTE: If you are Free member simply click the exit button after you typed password and if you are a premium member choose the best level of password protection. 

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