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Listening some songs is really a great relief from the daily stressing life. Many researches revealed and stated that music is an ultimate medicine for hundreds of mental unhappiness. 

There are many sites that allow you to download free music but for a mainstream song you need to purchase to keep the legal formalities well. Such sites provide only some songs for download but for wide access you may pay a monthly or yearly subscription.  

Below are some top sites, where you can surf and download your favourite music for free. Only you have to create an account using a Email and password or directly using your Facebook, Twitter, or Google+ profile for the music hunting. Lets explore...

Sites List:

1. Amazon

amazon-download-free-musicAmazon is really adoptable for the best purchase and free download of music. They have categorized over 50000+ songs, so made it easy for free surfing.

Once you search your music, the details about the song like artist, album, free or paid, and time will be displayed.

2. Internet Archive's Audio Archive

audioarchive-download-free-musicOne of the popular site chosen by millions for the better free download of their favorite songs. They have over 40000+ free music in their data base.
Beside this, audio Archive is a project which aim to collect and make available archived snapshots of internet contents for public.

3. Jamendo

Jamendo is with huge collection of famous songs. The musics they have provided is 100% legal and free to download. 

4. Purevolume

Pure volume is an artist-share site where you can find new artists, festivals in addition to music download. 

Surfing by top songs, top downloads, albums and artists make it more worthier than other sites.


lastfm-logo is a great place where you can discover new music and of course download free MP 3.

6. Noise Trade

noisetrade-logoNoise trade is some bit differ from other music downloading sites. Artists can create widget to share music both inside and outside this site. The music download is absolutely free.

7. Soundcloud

Soundcloud is a great community with huge collection of free music.They have an updated system of new songs which are added regularly.

8. Stereogum


Another free music download site with great songs comes directly from artists. In addition they have provide News, Photos, Videos related to new releases.

9. Bandcamp

Bandcamp is come up with music from newly came artists of all genre. Either they set a price or usually provide free service for their users.  


MP3feat-logo is really a great place where users can download unlimited music. Artist upload songs and fans can download songs for free. They can browse through artists, album and even time period.

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