How To Add Author Profile Picture In Google Search Results

Susan is very excited of her friend's picture along with a Google search result, and wonder if there is a way possible . Google allow bloggers and website owners to add their picture in the search engine query results with their own content, named as Google Authorship MarkupWebsite/blog having good Google and Alexa rank, the first search result page contain their post and most probably the very first if it is top of that category. 

What are the Benefits of Having Google Authorship?

  • Google authorship allows search results to stand out and increase click through rates to your particular site compared to one without a Google Authorship photo.
  • photo search is an additional traffic to your site, and show author rank.
  • It Helps with SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Results.

How to Implement Your Google Authorship without verified Domain Email?

This method is for website/blog having no hosting for domain and still want to get verified Google authorship. Here use rel='author' attribute for the Google Authorship verification provided that you must have an "About us" page in your blog and a Google+ profile. Let me explain.

Step 1: Add a Google+ badge to your blog, probably at the side bar. This help you to link your profile and Google+ page with your site making Google to understand the ownership of the site. Go to you Blogger Dashboard --> Layout --> Add Gadget --> Google+badge.

Why use Google+ ?

Google+ is the best thing ever until you have finished dragging half the people you’ve ever known into circles, and then you pretty much forgot about it. One of the best use of your Google+ account is that it has more impact on Google search results than any other social media platform, and Google is reminding us of this by putting images next to search results when people’s Google+ profiles are linked to their blog. Your each content share via Google+, will reward you with SEO benefits no other network can provide. 

Step 2: Add rel='author' Attribute In your page. For this,

  • Go to pages in Blogger and edit the About Us page.
  • Enter into the HTML Tab and add the following link code anywhere where you want to add.

 <a href=" ID/" rel='author' target=' _blank'  >
  Your   Name</a>

* Replace Google+ ID with the ID of your Google+ profile. [You will see the ID number in the    URL of your Google+ profile]

* Replace Your Name With Your Name.

* Don't touch or remove the rel='author'.

* Publish or Update the About Us page.

Step 3: Adding your blog link in Google+ profile 

This is the last section of this tutorial, adding your site link to Google+ profile that will make sure to the Google that you're the actual owner.

adding link in google+ [Techzilla Firefox]

Link Site To Google+
  • Login to your Google+.
  • Go to the Account-->Edit Profile.
  • Scroll down and Links section will appear.
  • Click Edit button and a popup will appear. Simply, Add the link there.
  • Hit save 

Checking your status of application in SERPs 

This is an additional tip for this post which show how your picture appear in Google search result. Normally it may take few weeks to month for the complete procedure, but you can use an additional tool to check your status of application.
  • Enter the URL of your blog and click "Preview".
  • It take some seconds to check and load the results.
  • If you have followed the tutorial correctly then the results will appear like the below image. 

Authentication Result

If the Image and the above message ("Authorship is working for this webpage.") is same, you have done 

Implement Your Google Authorship with verified Domain Email?

  1. Go to you Google+ Profile
  2. Make sure that at least one of the emails you list in your profile is from the domain that you want your picture to show up next to the results of. In the case of my website, that’s If you don’t have an email from your own domain already, you can get one from your host or Google Apps
  3. Make sure your email is verified.
  4. Next link your Google+ profile to the content you create by clicking here and entering the same email you just added to your profile.
  5. Finally Go to your Google+ profile and make sure your website is showing up in the “Contributor to” section [See 1st image] . This step is automatic and if it’s not showing up, add it manually.