How To Hack Mozilla Firefox To See All Saved Passwords

In my previous post i had given a tutorials on How to hack Google chrome to get all saved passwordsIn this post i will share some interesting tricks on how to view saved password in Mozilla Firefox web browser. This trick can be very helpfull if you get your hands on someone computer maybe when you use the friend's computer and he has saved password for certain websites like twitter, gmail, facebook,yahoo etc. You can easily view his password with very simple and easy method that is shared here. There is no need of any software to be installed. Just go through the post.

How to hack google chrome to get all saved passwords

  • First open Firefox Web Broweser

  • Then Click on FireFox >> Option >> Option as shown in below picture

firefox-hack [Techzilla Firefox]

  • Then a pop up box will appear in your system,from that go to security and click on Show Passwords.


  • Now select on website whose password want to see and now click on show password. 

            (Note: There will be a ask for confirmation so click on yes when        
            dialogue box appears)


  • You have Done. You got the password of the user. You can try at school, friends computer if someone have saved their password.