Eight Steps to Incredibly Increase Your Internet Speed

Now a days the problem associated with the Internet is it's slow speed. We may use web anywhere at any time, and our need is to get a proper high speed internet connection compatible with our package, unless it is kind of frustration to users. There are several method for clearing the slow speed problem associated with internet services. Let's have a look on it.

1. Simply Turn On And Off Modem. 

Some time while you are using the internet, you might experienced a situation of stuck. This is not due to your modem failure but your present activity (opening multiple window at a time or click any where more than once or doing multiple function at a time). This situation can solved by simply turn on and off your modem. 

2. Clean Your Connection.

Just like any other electronic devices, modem also need a cleaned surface for its better operation. Dirty, dusty cable connected to your wireless modem via DSL (Digital Subscriber Line) cause slower internet connection.    

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3.Avoid Running Multiple Devices At a Time. 

Keep your Smartphone, Tablet, Smart TV, other devices while not in use. This will affect the modem performance.

4. Remove Cookies Cache and Browser history. 

Every user must clean their cache, cookies, browser history at least once in a month for the better internet performance. You can delete your such browser depend features directly from setting tab.

5. Scan Your PC Regularly And Avoid Unwanted Programs And Files.

Increased malware or virus will automatically slow  down your internet speed. By using better antivirus software you can set this out. 


6.  Upgrade Your Modem To The Latest Type In The Market.

7. Properly Connect Modem.

If you are a DSL user (Broad Band user), make sure that your connection is accurate. Use a splitter to connect your two connections one for your land line and one for your modem from the main land cable. 

8. Use Ethernet Cable Instead Of Wi-Fi.