How to Give Free Adequate Computer Protection From Virus Attack

Nowadays, the common Issue faced by public is the attack of Virus or Malware on the computer. A malware means anything that is coming outside world, which affect the activity and performance of the computer. Technically a computer Is designed to produce an output corresponding to an Input In timely fashion and accuracy. When malware attack the device like computer, Its efficiency would decrease suddenly. So there should be an adequate computer virus protection.


The reason behind it is due to the Interaction of the malware on computer activity, which is designed for  the complete distortion of the device. There are number of Anti-virus software, able to detect and destroy the malware. AVG Anti-virus, Norton Anti-virus, BitDefender Anti-virus, F-Secure Anti-virus, G Data Anti-virus are at the top for computer protection. You can get trial or even free computer protection software in the market.

The shocking fact Is that, some virus has been creating by the company that supplying anti-virus system. Malware Include worms, virus, Trojan horses. It Is generally affected from malicious software, through pen-drive, SD card, Internet cause damage on your computer.  

How Computer Virus Protection Perform ?

Real Time Protection

This Is the primary function of any anti-virus system for both free computer protection and one need cost. In this method the anti-virus system will check everything that is from outside, and is analysed first. If any threat found, It will not accept. Here the proverb "prevention Is better than cure" is enhanced. So your computer remain protected on any  real time events.

Threat Detection

Threat detection is an additional feature in the anti-virus for computer virus protection. This means the anti-virus software will manually or automatically scan every files and folders In your computer to find the threats therein for the best protection. Best software will scan entire system in short time and find maximum number of virus. Then the computer protection software do the further procedures In a prescribed manner. 

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The next step of the computer virus protection  to alert the user. It Indicate the number of threats founded, status of your computer, how virus dealt. This comes normally with a background music to get the attention from users. This service also allow the people to take the decision for whether to access or prevent. 

Automatic Updation

This is a key feature providing from all of the computer virus protection installed In your computer. The software you purchased may be for few month or years depending on whether It is Trial or Premium version or free computer protection. When the expiration reached the software will automatically updates its newly added features to the existing software. This facility is up to user choice, that Is only If the user click the button for automatic Updation while Installing the software will eligible for this key function.  

Note: You can get Free software against this kind of problem in the market. But the free subscription will end after a few days and you need to buy that for further use.

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