Top 5 Upcoming Technologies That May Change the World

Google Glass

Google-Glass-Techzilla Firefox
Now a days almost every one have felt the augmented reality of tech in the form of experiments, educational apps and so on. Today the Google has put forwarded a great Idea which Is very useful to every techno's users. This service Is named as Google Glass. The social media feeds, texts, Google map, take photos, navigate with GPS and the latest updates while you are In floor can get from this particular application. This service Is now only available to specific users with price tag of $1500. Other companies are now enhanced their approach to remould It for all kind for users with considering the price. This product will be very soon to the market and experts says, It may be a revolution In the techno field.

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Oculus Rift 

Oculus-Rift-Techzilla Firefox
Now a days Gamming Is an addiction to all kind of people without mentioning the age. The Rift has developed a new product that gives a virtual effect while you are using "Oculus Rift". This 3D headset Is designed to use when you are In video Gamming, which feel like you are In the game ore you are leading.You can come around to get this wonderful experience with high resolution display. Now the premium product with price tag of $300 Is available, and very soon developed kit will emerged In the market. This Is a New generation gamming technology. 

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Firefox OS

Firefox-OS-Techzilla Firefox
Android and IOS has already keeps Its highlights In the market. The fact that appointing many developers Is that, these are based on specific rules and policies, which actually Inhibit the creative effort of developers. At this chance Mozilla has been developing the new mobile Operating System from scratch, focused on openness and user's choice. Developers can create their web app without blockade of requirements set by app store, and they can even customize their OS.

 3D Printer

3D-printer-Techzilla Firefox
As Its name Indicates, this technology will forge your digital design Into solid real life product. The usage of this 3D Printer Is that It can be use to create physical product based on users design and there Isn't any need for the approval from any giant manufacture. "Form 1" Is a such kind of printer, which can be yours at price $2799. The price tag may sounds huge but, the technology behind It, Is totally unbelievable. It Is much Interesting to thing about a future In which everyone Is professionals and creating their own product without any Imitation.  

 Google Driver-less Car

Google-Driver-less-car-Techzilla Firefox
When this Is read out, everybody may wondered "Wow", don't worry Google Is creating It for your that much excitement. Google's Driver-less car Is totally working on artificial Intelligence, consist of video camera Inside the car, sensor on top of It, number of radar and position sensors on different position of car. This seems to be a complex architecture but this system has been successfully driven 1609 Km without human command.

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