How to Create a Paypal Account For All Online Money Transactions

Hi friends, many of you have heard about the Paypal Service. It is a platform for online money transfer. For the Purchase (Example: eBay, Lenscart), Net-Banking, On-line Paid Game etc, Paypal is mandatory. Here you can get the complete steps on how to create the Paypal account. Read carefully through the post.


  1. Valid Email Id
  3. Recommended Bank Account With Valid Creditcard/Debitcard.

Once you registered in Paypal you will be provided with a Mail Id and Password you entered for the account creation. You can change those later. Now use that Id and Password to Log In to your Paypal Account.


The entire procedure is described below using the Image. 


Go to Paypal Site

*1. Enter your Valid Email Id

* 2. Choose a Strong Password

* 3. Retype Your Password

* 4. Type Your Legal First Name

* 5. Legal Middle Name

* 6. Legal Last Name

* 7. Enter Your Legal DOB [Date Of Birth]


* 8. Select Your Nationality

* 9. Type Your Address (1)

* 10. Type Second Address (Optional)

* 11. Select  Your State

* 12. Enter Your PIN Code [Indians]/ Zip Code [Foreigners  ]

13. Enter Your Mobile Number

* 14 Click "Agree And Create Account"



A confirmation mail has sent to your mail account. Click the link which direct you to a new window showing your Paypal is verified and request you to Log In again. Now you have completed the half step. Next step is to add your PANCARD and link your CREDITCARD /  DEBITCARD. You have finished, let's do some online business.

                                THANK YOU!!!