How To Delete All Facebook Messages In a Single Click

Some time you may fed up with the huge chat history in your Facebook profile. Have you ever  tried to delete them all? Is it that much simple? Let me explain How To Delete All Facebook Chat Messages in One Click. Facebook's chat system is very attractive and recently they added new customization option for it.

Social medias are actually a platform for updating the personal information and instant communication. Comparing them the chatting is more viral than personal sharing. Facebook states that "None of the person leave here without sending at least one word". This is same in my case and wish same to you.

How Can I delete My all Facebook Chat MSG History in one Click ?

Deleting your chat history is more needed when you met a circumstance of sharing it with your friends or even with partner. At that time if you tried to delete them one by one you may get shamed or even get worse !!! Let me explain.

   For Mozilla Firefox                        

* First you must Open Mozilla Firefox Browser.

* Install Greasemonkeyin Addon.

* Restart you Firefox  browser.

* Next install this Script.

* After above 4 steps, Login in your Facebook Account.

* A Delete Facebook Button will appeard in your profile.

* Just use them for delete your all Facebook msg in a click.

   For Google Chrome

*Add Facebook Fast Delete Message Extension to your Chrome Browser.

*Once installed, the extension is activated automatically. Now to delete your Facebook messages with only one click without having to open the individual conversation pages open your Facebook Message page. You will see two extra buttons, one at the top bar (Delete All) and another highlighted in red (X mark). Click these buttons to permanently delete your messages and conversations.

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