How to Find Your Facebook Profile Visitors Without any Application

trace-Facebook-profile-visitors Facebook is the world number one social site that allow people to communicate each other. Everyone can create an account for free with a valid Mail Id and password. Once you created the account you can connect with your friends. You will get the basic notifications, message, event details, entertainment events and so on in your Facebook profile. But normally you won't get any chance to find who visited your profile as other Job site provides.

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There are so many applications allowing you to find the profile visitors in your Facebook account. But they ask to fetch our account information like chat history, messages, public information and so on. Commonly none of Facebook users like to do it.  So let me explain to find your Facebook profile visitors without any software and without sharing any personal information.

1) First you must log in to your Facebook Profile using normal procedures.
2) Now press Ctrl+U to get a new tab providing your source code information as showed. 


3) Now press Ctrl+F to get specific line starting ({ list: ) from the hundreds of code lines.


4) You can get Id of your profile visitors as shown above.

5) The first Id is the one that has visited most time.

6) If you want to find them, open a new tab and Place profile Id
7) Replace the red colored portion with the id you get from the page

8) Now Press Enter, You have done

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