How to Avoid Unwanted Spam Emails Coming to Your Account.

Hi friends, my this post is related to how can we avoid the unwanted spam mail coming into our account. There are many hidden spam websites in the Cyber space, they are the reason for it. Actually our id doesn't need to give to them, but they will find it either by our registered Id in their database or by other unwanted form registration and sign up. 

The only solution is to filter this spam mail id by the option provided. Here you will familiar with the exact solution for filter and there by avoid such spam mail.


     1. Sign In to your Gmail account.  

     2. Click the down arrow in the search box shown top of your Inbox.


3. You will provided with a new iFrame (Box), in which you can enter the address or Id of the spam sender.

4. After you entered the spam Id Click Create Filter option at the bottom of iFrame.

5. Now you have so many option on what Gmail has to do with this spam Id. You can choose delete, archive, unread, read and so many options.

6. Finally Click the Create Filter Option.