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Facebook, to know it's popularity do nothing, but just search on Google. 5000000000 results, now you get how much is influenced in the society. Facebook is #1 ranked social media site. It has over 500 million registered user across the world with thousands of new daily sign up in their data base.
However, Facebook may come up with huge fake accounts. People take it as a fun having more than one personal profile. But now Facebook team is in a research for launching special software and apps that determine fake identities that might cause users distraction. 

Invite-All your-Facebook-Friends-With Single-Click

As an additional activity, Facebook users are also able to create their Facebook fan page, Facebook groups, Apps, relevant to their interests. Also there is no restriction or any pay on number of such extra entertainment they currently running. You may read: How to Find Your Facebook Profile Visitors Without any Application

To create a Facebook fan page, you must have an approved Facebook profile. You know that it is not that much difficult today. Once your account created, you'll get the option for it. Just go to your settings option or alternatively here Create a Facebook Fan Page.  

You can create or have any number of such pages which can be about, Local business, Company/Organization/Institution, Entertainment Guests Brand/Product, Artist/Band/Public Figure, Cause/Community.

Now here comes the most important part of a Facebook page success. You must get some Facebook likes from your friends, relatives and so on, for the better reach about your page across the world. See: How to Get 500000+ Facebook Likes Within a Hour For Free 

You can done it manually by inviting all your friends individually or you can invite all of them by a single click. The bigger problem that coming around with the first option is, if you have 500 friends you must invite them one by one. So please go through these steps to avoid this, I hope you can follow my ways. See my latest post: How to Find Who Unfriend You In Facebook

Steps To Invite all Facebook friends with single click 

1) Log In Facebook 

2) Launch your desired Facebook Page 


3) Find the option for "see all" close to invite section.


4) A pop up box come, load your full friends by scrolling the bar toward it's end

5) Now press Ctrl+Shift+J for Chrome users and Ctrl+Shift+K for Firefox users or alternatively press F12 for both.


6) Copy the JavaScript Code and paste it in the Console tab. Get Your Code Here

7) Click enter and wait some seconds to complete invite process.

8) Check out your earlier "See All" window, all your friends are invite by you with a single click.

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