How to Find Who Unfriend You In Facebook

Hi friends, my this post is to find who Unfriend you in Facebook. We know that Facebook is a world popular social site, having 100cr active users. They provide different experiences like gathering new friends, sharing our contents, sharing our photos, live video chat and so on. But the disappointing factor is that they are not providing details of the friends who unfriend us. Here you can get the extension for both Chrome and Mozilla to get the solution. It is simple and you get an additional icon in your Facebook profile showing the notification of your leaved friends. So carefully go through the post and get Informed. 

Download Unfriend Alert Extension For Chrome Click Here

Download Unfriend Alert Extension For Mozilla  Click Here

*1. First download the extension for your browser.

*2. Install the extension.

*3. Restart the browser.

*4. Log In to your Facebook.

*5. Now you will get a confirmation alert box asking to you that allow them to fetch your friend list and public post. Click "OKEY".

*6. You get a message, close it.

*7. Now an additional icon showing the Unfriend's Notification will appear in your profile. 

*8. Click it to find the friends that made you unfriend.

*9. You are Done.

Thank You