How to Uninstall Programs Using Command Prompt In Computer

Hi friends, my this post is about Command prompt in Window. Many of you are the users of this feature provided by Microsoft. Some time while we uninstalling the programs, an error message is always sowed up. This prevent the normal uninstallation process in our computer

Windows provide a useful technique for it, named command prompt. As it's name indicates it work based on commands. It is tough, but not here :-) , because only right command makes it working. Here you can get every details including the proper command to uninstall an unwanted program. Read carefully...

Uninstall-computer-programs-using-command-prompt `

1) Click the START button.
2) Now Search for CMD or Command Prompt (or simply search RUN >> CMD >> Press Enter Key).

3) Type "wmic" in the command prompt window and now press ENTER.

4) You can get your all installed programs in your computer by typing the Command Product get name in command prompt window and press ENTER .

5) Type the command   Product where name="Program name" call uninstall.

6) Simply place your Product name which is to be uninstalled at RED colored portion in the above  command . 

7) Press "Y" and Click Enter.


8) Now your program has uninstalled successfully.

9) Close command prompt window.

Ask your doubts below, we will guide you for the better service. Thank You