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Hi friends, some of you are bit bored with yellow colored folders, here you get a change. This post is made very simple for it. Window OS not allow you any direct change to the Folders Color. So I recommend a third party software FOLDERICO 4.0 having 4.1MB size. Here you can directly choose any colored folder without a long search. Please choose either free or paid download and then use this method to change color of any folder in your Window OS. Please carefully go through the post for the exact procedures. 

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1) First download Folderico (4.1 MB size).
2) If it is a Zip file extract it. Use WinRAR For Unzipping. 

3) Complete the Installation as usual way.

4) Click Finish button.


5) Now go to the folder -> color to be changed.

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6)  Right click the folder. Now you get a Folderico option. Select it.


7) Click Select icon.


8) Now you get a collection of colored folders. Choose your one.


9) Click Finish. Now your folder is colored with color you have selected. 

10) Finally close the Folderico window.

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