How to Get Compress 1GB Data Into 10MB For Free

Do you can accept if I said, I can compress 1 GB data into 10 MB. May be you won't but I will. There are so many file compressing tool commonly Zip Tool, which compress our file so as to reduce it's size. The main draw back associated with it is that, quality will reduce after compression. 
So I prefer KGB Archiver that really help you to compress your 1GB data to even 10MB. My hard disk (500GB) is almost completed, and by using this,I have got 300GB extra space.

compress-1 GB-data-to-10 MB

This is a tool for compression just as WinRAR, Alzip but the compression rate is higher. It uses AES-256 for encryption of files. On the other hand One of the disappointing fact is that, due to high compression rate, it is more time consuming. Secondly the minimum hardware requirement is noticeable (Processor with 1.5GHz and 1GB RAM). Enjoy...

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