How To Create a Strong Passcode for your iOS Devices

Creating a strong password is very essential for a highly confidential data. This is same in the case of your iPhone & iPad protection. Normally we use simple alphabets or digits or combination of these with any special characters. 

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But what about accented characters (like ä, the letter “a” with two dots placed over it). You can get it using virtual keyboard, which can be accessed by just tap and hold a key and it will show you a list of related characters that have. 

Create Strong Passcode for your iPhone & iPad

You can create your password with usual characters, but try to use more strong and un-guessable passcode using some accented characters. For instance Örangë is little difficult than Orange to get predicted. 

This feature is available only on iPhone or ipad, because Android devices support alphanumeric characters for screen passwords but accented characters aren't allowed. For Windows Phone 8 only you can use digits for Lock/Unlock the system.

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