How To Add Search Shortcuts On Your iOS Or Android Devices

Adding any shortcuts is a simple way of accessing anything faster. Suppose a person is need to open his Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or any other popular sites, the common procedure is, you would launch the browser, open the corresponding website and then use the search box inside that site. 

You can also install the corresponding Apps for getting this service. Let me explain a most reliable and modern techniques through which you can perform searches on your favorite website with fewer steps. 

Recently the Digital Inspiration, one of the best tech site has created JavaScript that directly lead you to the site's engine results.
Open your Safari Browser on your iPhone (or iPad) and and click here to add the shortcut for Wolfram Alpha (is more user friendly search engine compared to Google). A pop up box appear hit "Cancel" button since you need to install only. Now tap the Share icon in your Safari and choose “Add to Home Screen” to add it into your home screen.


Now for any of your search query, simply tap the Wolfram shortcut on your phone and enter your search. This will directly bring you to the topic without any deviation. Similarly you can create other new search shortcuts on your Android device using newer version of Chrome browser. 

For this first simply click first link below. It direct to Labnol official site and check for your shortcuts. Now "Cancel" pop up box and then choose the “Add to home screen” option under the main menu for adding the shortcut to your home screen.

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