How To Verify Or Link PayPal Account With Bank - Online Money Transaction

Hi friends, Do you have a Paypal acoount? Paypal is nothing but a service utilized by billion users for online money transaction. You can purchase, deposit and recive money anywhere in the world and lot of other services. I have already post How to create a Paypal Account. Here I post the method on how to verify your account with Bank. Once you have registered in PayPal next step is account verification. For that you must enter a valid bank account, then follow the instruction

paypal verification [Techzilla Firefox]


* 1. Sign In to your Paypal Account.

* 2. Go to the Account section and select link bank account.

paypal bank verification [Techzilla Firefox]

* 3. Now type your Account details in that bank like.

                   IFSC code of bank

   Type of Money card you have (Mastercard, Visacard, check other on 
                  verified Paypal site )

 Type number, CV number and expiry date of the card.

* 4. After the completion select Confirm Bank Account.

* 5. They will send two small amount money (.001$-01$) to your account.

* 6. Now wait few days and check your bank balance. Enter the two money 
       value they sent into your Paypal Account.

link bank account with paypal [Techzilla Firefox]

* 7. You have done. You can now do any online money transaction. 

paypal verification [Techzilla Firefox]

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