How to Find The IP Address Of a Website Using CMD or Command Prompt

 Hi friends, do you like to get the IP address of a website? here it is. You can find the location of any website's server and can do more stuffs. The key requirement is CMD (Command Prompt), which is already integrated in almost all Microsoft computer system . Only you have to follow the given steps. I am describing it with Google but you can get any website's details like Facebook, twitter etc.


* 1. Click Start

* 2. Type cmd/CMD

* 3. Now write ping followed by website url whose ip address has to find.

find-website-ip-using-cmd [Techzilla Firefox]

* 4. It tooks 4 to 5 seconds and come with result. Showed below.

find-website-ip-using-cmd [Techzilla Firefox]

* 5. Fetch the IP address and trace your target.

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