How to Schedule a Mail to Later Time Using Boomerang For Firefox And Chrome

Hi friends, here I give you some ideas about Gmail Boomerang. Some of you are well known to this because of it's high importance. Gmail Boomerang is used to schedule your mail to a time. I can explain it. Suppose consider a situation a user need to send a particular mail using Gmail only at 10 am, but now time is 8 am, what he/she must do. Here is the use of Boomerang. You can easily set the time during when that particular mail has to send to the recipe. This is very simple and you can get it from here. Read carefully through the post. Get informed .    


* Download and install Boomerang for Firefox or Google Chrome.

* Install in the usual way.

                                                   FOR  CHROME

* Click continue button after you have downloaded the data file.

* Click install . Now a pop up option will come to alert that boomerang is successfully installed 


* Use the same procedure as chrome. But the difference is that before actual installation they  
   ask you to whether add a plugin or not. Allow it and click install button . 

* After installation allow restart your computer or postponed to next time.

* Next after completing the installation , a new pop up message will come to access your  
   Gmail account. Allow it.

* Now you can set your preferences here.

* Now select compose mail. Type your subject, body, and select Send Later option showed  
   at top bar. 

* You can select it. Mostly use the option "At a specific time". Adjust it.

* You will get new label for it, to understand when you see it later.

* A confirmation will come to you  after mail has sent.

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