Top 8 Unknown But Popular Google Tricks

Google, the king of Internet has been revealed it's influence all over the world. Google Search, Google Map, Google Applications etc are the top popular services. The new event going to happen very soon is the publication of Google Operating System. Even though it's services are world poplar some are still not much familiar with normal computer and Internet users. They are listed below. Get familiar,,,,

Google Definition 

Get the definition of any dictionary word by typing define Label. Change the "Label" with your word. For example if you want to find the meaning of exploit, Search it as define exploit.

Find Weather and Movie Details Of Any Region

Google allow you to get the direct details regarding your Local Climate and Movies. Write the keyword either weather or movies followed by your Zip Code/ City. For example type weather 685607 will show the climate details of Vannappuram-Kerala. movies 685607 show the local movies time.

Google Translate

Translate a given single word to even full Web page using the Google Language Tools.

Google Calculator

You can use the Google Calculator by simply typing any mathematical expression in search area. For example 10+10.There you can do many complex calculations. 

 Stock Details

You can get the Stoke Quote Price, Links, Chart by simply search using the stock symbol of company in Google Search area. For example type: msft will display stock information of Microsoft.

Track Any Phone Number

You can get the details including the server, type, address, etc of the given Mobile Number. All you have to do is type the mobile number followed by the area code. 

Website Link

This is to see what is other Web pages are linking to your Blog / Website. Type link:  will display all pages linking to the site "yourwebsite".

Get Flight Details

Enter the Airline and flight number to get the details of the airline flight and most it's arrival time. For example type delta 123, it will display the details of that particular flight. Here delta is an Airline and 123 is the flight number.